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a professional precision cold forging
and post-processing company.

"We will be your best partner with cutting-edge technology and competitiveness."

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Samjung Odyssey Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in material parts for precision cold forging and post-processing, which was newly created through its merger in May 2014 . It continues to develop its technology and competitiveness in this field.

We are manufacturing and producing high quality parts for automobiles, renewable energy (electric cars) and home appliances that require high precision and technological competitiveness based on our motto of "Trustworthy people" and "Trustworthy products".

All of our employees are enthusiastically committed to continuous R&D and the highest quality products.

In particular, we are exporting our products overseas as we are recognized for our technology, and we are doing our best to expand our market to the whole world.

We will not stop in our efforts to build a richer and more convenient world by thinking of trust and hard work as the best values, and moving forward more and more for a better tomorrow.

Thank you.

Employees of Samjung Odyssey Co., Ltd.

Flagship products and markets

Our company is specialized in material parts and now produces precision cold forged parts in various fields
such as automobiles, renewable energy (electric cars), and home appliances.
Our main export markets are Thailand and China. We are doing our best to expand our export market
to all over the world with our technology and competitiveness.